Inizio Partners is an MBE Certified, minority-owned boutique recruitment agency specialized in executive search, full-time placements and contingent staffing.

We are proud to partner with some of the most innovative and influential companies in the world helping them in identifying premier talent across business and technology.

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Our founding team members are industry veterans ​with over 20 years of business and technology ​experience leading global companies, and they ​possess expertise in identifying top talent.

Our recruitment process is highly personalized and ​tailored to each customer's unique needs. We take ​the time to thoroughly understand our customer's ​business, products, market position, corporate ​culture, employee benefits, and candidate ​expectations, to ensure that we are delivering top-​quality candidates that are an ideal fit for their ​organization.

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Executive ​Search

“Our team’s prior experience in c-​suite leading global organizations ​along with our large executive ​network helps us to match our ​customer needs to the right ​resources.”


Business & ​IT ​Placements

“Our team has extensive expertise ​in technology as well as business, ​this combined with our unique ​search and screening process ​helps us to find the right talent for ​your needs.”

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Contingency ​Staffing

"Our extensive experience and ​network across multiple industries ​enables us to efficiently source and ​present highly qualified candidates, ​providing a cost-effective solution ​for all parties involved."



"Our retained search include a ​dedicated recruiter, extensive ​research, a strategic approach, ​advanced screening, reporting, ​candidate assessment, on-boarding ​support, and additional services ​such as market research."


  • Over 90% of our candidates go through final interview
  • Priority on quality over quantity, submitting only the best-fit candidates
  • Extensive business and technical expertise in screening candidates
  • 30-40% faster turnaround time compared to market
  • Ability to serve across industries and technology
  • 20-30% cost savings compared to industry average
  • Tailored approach and commercial terms for each customer
  • Easily accessible to our customers




industries we serve

Our customer base includes Fortune 500 public companies, pharma & healthcare businesses, manufacturing companies, software companies, government agencies, private equity and venture capital-backed businesses, and startups, defense contractors.

Inizio Partners currently works with customers of all sizes from a variety of industries. This diversity in our customer base demonstrates our ability to adapt to the needs of different types of businesses and industries, and highlights our flexibility and versatility as a recruitment agency.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in placing candidates in a wide range ​of positions across multiple industries.

Our success rate is 90%+ and we have a proven track ​record of successfully filling C-Suite, Sales & Marketing, ​Human Resources, Finance, R&D, Quality, Customer ​Support & Information Technology roles.

We have the experience, expertise, and tools to deliver ​results faster than anyone else in the industry

Our team



Founder & CEO

Chanchal, founder of Inizio Partners, is an accomplished business and ​technology leader with over 22 years of global experience in business ​and digital transformation. He has a successful track record of ​founding and scaling premium consulting firms and leading digital ​transformation initiatives.

Chanchal is a Wharton alumnus and graduate of The University of ​Pennsylvania's General Management Program for senior executives. He ​understands the challenges faced by businesses in finding the right ​talent on time. Inizio Partners is able to overcome these challenges by ​having an internal team with the necessary skillset to screen ​candidates from any industry and technology, ensuring that only the ​best are presented to the customer.

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